At the Teachers Training College and the University of Groningen the Netherlands; History and Geography.
After that period I studied Fine Art; painting and sculpture at the Art school Minerva in Groningen the Netherlands. I attended several courses in the field of psychology and personal awareness. After my studies I started to exhibit directly.
Beside my exhibitions I worked as a teacher, teaching subjects as; cultural history, personal development, Fine Art at secondary school level and college level.
I give art lessons in my art studio. (see; artcourses and workshops)

Since I had the priviledge to live in different countries like France, the USA, Ireland, I could participate in the culture like; music, fine-Art and architecture. In Ireland I worked for ‘Eurochild’ a project of Tigh Fili’s Art Centre in Cork. This culture and artproject was developed for the children of the UE countries.

At the moment I give different art courses in my art studio and for different organisations and companies. This summer I give an art course from 3rd until the 10 of August in the Auvergne France. (Please see for more information; artcourses and workshops)

If you would like to give me an assignment to paint horses and coasts you are very welcome.
I am illustrating books.

I give colour advices for new and excisting interiors. If you would like to have more information please contact me.

You are always welcome to make an appointment to visit my art studio!

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