Artcourses and workshops

As a group or organisation you can book the following workshops:
- Discover your own colours.
- Discover your creativity.

The workshops are given in two hours each. You can participate in groups of 6 persons in my art studio . Its also possible to give the workshop in your company or organisation in a larger group up to about 20 people in one group.

Costs : an art-course costs 10 lessons 185 euro including all material thee and coffee.
A workshop costs 20 euro per personuptil 10 persons. When a group has a larger
amount, we agree about the total costs.

Preparation for a Fine art study and workshops for students.

If your son or daughter has an interest to study fine art in the future its possible to get coaching from me. Your son or daughter can get a better preparation for his or her study.
I give guest- lessons about the profession of artist in secondary schools.

I give art- lessons during holidays. This year in France the Auvergne with Chezleprez.

In the near future I’m going also take care in a beautiful area in Portugal painting courses: Rua de entre vinhas, Pousadouras (Tabua) Portugal. Get to know the history of art and culture of Portugal!
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